Kaleigh Stanley

  • USAW Level 1
  • CF Level 1
  • CF Gymnastics
  • CF Movement and Mobility
  • CPR / First Aid Certified

Why I CrossFit:

Growing up as an athlete, I have enjoyed working out for as long as I can remember. The majority of my workouts were done at some type of practice;  led by a coach and sharing the pain of the extra sprints with my teammates. The workouts I did on my own were limited to variations of running, weight training intimidated me. CrossFit taught me not to solely focus on the physical aspect of training. The mental element of overcoming fears and reaching goals that may have previously been perceived as impossible is what got me hooked on CrossFit. Achieving and witnessing said feats with this community cheering one another on and pushing each other past our mental limits is what made me ask myself, “Why wouldn’t I CrossFit?”   Favorite WOD: Diane / Abbate Least Favorite WOD: Karen Favorite Movement: HSPU / KB Snatch Least Favorite Movement: Wall Balls