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What Is CrossFit Rebuild?

CrossFit Rebuild is a coach led class to help people move better. This class focuses on getting people moving and helping them strengthen areas of discomfort. We will use customized modifications to create a community feel with personalized training. We understand each case is unique, if you’d like to stop in and talk about how we can help you, please email: Clint@CrossFitSaol.com.

Who Are My Coaches?

Coach Maggie McGuire: CrossFit coach since January 2019. She leads with patience and care. Coach Maggie has coached hundreds of athletes varying in athletic abilities, injury restrictions, and fitness levels. She knows how to modify workouts to get the most out of her athletes while keeping them safe. She cannot wait to meet you and help you improve your way of living!

Coach Collin Garnek: Collin started coaching at CrossFit Saol in the Summer of 2019. He is passionate about fitness and people. He is currently attending _____ for a degree in _______. 

CrossFit Rebuild Schedule & Rates

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 1:15pm-2:00pm

Unlimited rate: $145/Month
3 Days/Week: $115/Month