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2020 CrossFit Saol Open:  (We had 96 in 2019, 88 in 2020 CrossFit Open) athletes signed up for the Saol Open! Please follow this link to reserve your heats each week (https://crossfitsaol.sites.zenplanner.com/login.cfm). The heat times will be posted Friday morning before 8 am. Each week we will have a member spotlight for Rookie of the Week, Most Valuable Saolmate and Saol Spirit award for the week.Overall Team Leaderboard:

Week 5: An Open 1st! Dave Castro allows the athletes to choose how to attack the workout. In total, there were 240 reps. 120 Wallballs, 80 Calories on the rower, and 40 Ring MU/Pull-Ups/Jumping Pull-Ups/Ring Rows. We saw some athletes attack the Row and Wallballs all out, while others sprinkled in the gymnastics movement. We saw some people hit their first Ring Muscle-Up ever, while others fought and got very close to it. Such and exciting way to finish this Open, it really flew by this year.

CrossFit Saol took 6th place out of 194 affiliates in Ohio for average placement. When looking at the top 10 athletes in Ohio, Saol finished in 5th overall! It is exciting to see so much improvement from our athletes year to year.

This year’s winning team is…… The JACKED O’LANTERNS! They averaged 2nd place in each of the workouts, showing great consistency and NO weaknesses! Congrats 🙂

20.5 AWARDS:

ROOKIE OF THE WEEK: Olga Griffin – In her first Saol Open, Olga was ready for 20.5. She saw that 20 minute time cap and knew it was in her wheel house! Olga finished 200 reps of 20.5 with a tiebreak time of 14:31. She gave it her all and finished 20.5 with her 2nd best finish in this years Open!

SAOL SPIRIT: Matt McClone – Sporting a Saftey 3rd shirt, Matt came out blazing!!! He finished 120 Wallballs and 80 Cal Row in 9:45. To be far, he loves wallballs, Karen is actually his best friend. With his judge shouting in his ear, Matt started attempting his Ring MU. He ended up hitting his 1st 2 Ring Muscle-Ups EVER!!!!! The approach of Saftey Third definitely paid off for McClone on 20.5.

MOST VALUABLE SAOLMATE (MALE): Brent Carlson – Leading up to the Open, Brent was not very confident with his Ring Muscle-ups. After spending sometime working on his weaknesses (and in between all of the burpees he has done), he focused on them and now makes them look easy! Brent hit 10 Ring MU in 20.5! Let’s keep that momentum rolling into the 2021 Open!

MOST VALUABLE SAOLMATE (FEMALE): Brenda O’Hara – Brenda hit her 1st Ring MU just weeks ago on her 35th BIRTHDAY! She hit one again during the 20.5 CrossFit Open. Brenda took 5th overall in the Saol Open. She is excited to ride this momentum into 2021 and is already focused on improving her weaknesses.

Week 4: 20.4, Clean and Jerks, Box Jumps, and Pistols, I don’t think anyone saw this one coming! Another workout with a 20 minute cap. We had an INSANE amount of PR’s from 20.4. Many new Clean & Jerk PRs and many 1st on Pistols! Congrats to everyone for working hard this week and hitting new records!

As we approach the final week, we are seeing some leaderboards separate while others grow close. A huge shout-out to “The Gym Reapers”, this week was their best team finish and this was the week their team broke out their Gym Reapers shirts! In the team battles, the WODDING Dead is trying to chase down the Jacked O’Lanterns for the top team of the 2020 CrossFit Games Open.

Dave Castro gives a recap of 20.4 and in it, he is quoted saying that NOTHING will compare to 20.5! I wonder what he has is in store for us.

20.4 AWARDS:

ROOKIE OF THE WEEK: Kristen Countryman – Kristen completed 165 reps in 20.4. She made the Clean and Jerks look light and cruised through the pistols. This topped her best finish from the previous weeks by over 10 spots! Kristen knew this was in her wheelhouse and couldn’t wait to take it on.

SAOL SPIRIT: Erin Freeman – Erin completed 133 reps in 20.4. She also had a first! Pistols! Erin is excited to continue to work on Pistols and knock out some more when they roll around in the 2021 CrossFit Open.

MOST VALUABLE SAOLMATE (MALE): Kevin Twarek – Taking 1st place for the men in 20.4, Kevin came out excited to throw some weight around! He finished all 5 Clean and Jerks at 275lbs then had additional time to knock out some more pistols. He is excited to continue his move up the leaderboard as we approach 20.5!

MOST VALUABLE SAOLMATE (FEMALE): Jules Trohan – 3rd place three weeks in a row! Jules is in 2nd place overall for the ladies with 13 total points. She has shown great consistency throughout the open and has proven she is ready for any test. It has been clear this open that she has now made it to an elite status. She legit cannot have a bad picture taken of her while she works out, no one knows how she does it!

Week 3: 20.3, a repeat of 18.4… Deadlifts and Handstand Push-ups, or Hand Release Push-Ups for the Jack O’ Lanterns. This quick 9 minute workout definitely left us feeling the soreness for days! 20.4 is almost here, our theme will be Halloween themed. Wear something showing some Halloween spirit. The 20.4 announcement happens on Halloween night. My predictiion is 14 Min AMRAP: 60 Cal Row, 50 Wallballs, 40 C2B, 30 Double DB Step-Ups, 20 Bar Muscle-Ups. This Thursday, David Sobey, Maggie McGuire, and Clint Weigel are taking on 20.4 at 8pm. If anyone else wants to join the workout, please message Clint.

20.3 AWARDS:

ROOKIE OF THE WEEK: Anthony Levay! Anthony took 2nd in the Jack O’ Lanterns division finishing with a time of 7:04. This bodyweight machine had no trouble with the push-ups… Before the workout, he was seen doing push-ups in the parking lot for FUN! His time is also a testiment to him being able to move some heavy weight.

SAOL SPIRIT: Jillian Meisinger! Headed into 20.3, Jillian had yet to hit a HSPU. Well… 20.3 presented the new challenge to her. She had her hopes set on getting one HSPU. Her final score was 22 reps, Jillian hit that one HSPU!

MOST VALUABLE SAOLMATE (MALE): Connor Voltz! Connor still new to CrossFit and picking up whatever is being thrown at him successfully made it through ANOTHER open workout RX’d. This kid is having a great start to the open and we cannot wait to see what they throw at him next!

MOST VALUABLE SAOLMATE (FEMALE): Christina Lenny! In 2018, Christina completed the Open scaled. She finished with a blazing time of 6:37. This year, she accepted the challenge of the RX division. Christina came out hot and finished with 95 reps! This former Kent State Gymnast looked at home on the HSPU.


Week 2: 20.2 has come to an end and just like that, we only have 3 weeks left of the Open! 20.2 was another long one, pairing TTB, DU, and DB Thrusters. Each Open Dave Castro gives us a repeat workout, my guess is that our repeat workout will be this week! Maybe a repeat of HSPU and Power Cleans. Either way, I have a feeling it’s going to be a workout that is less than 10 minutes. This Thursday, Nicole Kaiser, Maggie McGuire, and Clinton Weigel will be taking on 20.3 at 8pm. Feel free to join us for the live announcement at 8pm!
20.2 Awards (Each winner receives one free item out of the retail fridge):
Rookie of the Week: Steve “Boo” Shemi! He currently sits in 6th place overall for the Saol men. He’s shown us that he can tolerate the pain cave and just keep moving!
Saol Spirit: Dasha Shchuka! Dasha came out hot in this one. She finished with a blazing 782 reps! This girl didn’t struggle with any of the movements in 20.2.
Most Valuable Saolmate (Male): Tommy Milko! When you see a workout with DU, you know this guy is going to crush it. Tommy did not stop moving during 20.2. He finished it completing 22 rounds then getting an additional 8 reps!
Most Valuable Saolmate (Female): Jackie Pucci! Jackie is leading the way overall for the Saol Female Rookies. She has worked hard this off season and has made huge strides on her DUs! Keep it up! 
The link to the leaderboard is: https://rebeccafreund.com/leaderboards/
Week 1: 20.1 is now behind us. Dave Castro decided to hit us where it hurts week 1 with a nasty couplet of burpees and ground to overhead for 15 MINUTES! Are burpees now a thing of the past in the 2020 Open? What do we think is coming in 20.2? This Thursday, Chuck Wolf, Nicole Kaiser, Maggie McGuire, and Clinton Weigel will be taking on 20.2 at 8pm. Feel free to join us for the live announcement at 8pm!
20.1 Awards (Each winner receives one free item out of the retail fridge):
Rookie of the Week: Sammy Campbell (Spooky Sammy)! Sammy has been a member with us for 1 month and came out hot on this one. Competing in the Ghosts division, she came just 2 reps shy of finishing the workout under the 15 minute time cap. Let’s see what else she has with 20.2.
Saol Spirit: Mike Whisler (The Whisler)! Mike has been in the open with us since 2014. When watching the live announcement of 20.2 he was ecstatic to see this combo of movements. He RX’d his first ever Open WOD and hopes to keep it going into 20.2!
Most Valuable Saolmate (Male): Mason Alexander (Mason Jar)! Captain of The Jacked O’Lanterns, lead his team into battle on 20.1. He came out with a blazing pace and held onto it. He took the top spot overall for the men and helped his team secure a week 1 victory.
Most Valuable Saolmate (Female): Becca Sinchok (Beccanut Squash)! Becca was excited for 20.1, so excited that she did the workout twice. Becca, team captain of Team 2 cleaned up some little mistakes and finished the workout at 11:49. This currently puts in her 33rd place in the state of Ohio for the ladies!
The leaderboard is now up and running! I want to give a huge thank you to Rebecca Freund (The Bexorcist) for creating the website to host our leaderboard this year. It looks cool, matches the theme, and saves me 5+ hours a week! Thank you sooooo much Rebecca!
The link to the leaderboard is: https://rebeccafreund.com/leaderboards/