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Physical Therapy at Saol

At CrossFit Saol, our goal is to coach our members be as fit as possible and sometimes we need some extra help…

Phyt For Function LLC was opened up by one of our members, Nick Sanders. He is our go to guy whenever we have more than just your typical muscle soreness. It is unique to have a specialist work on you who trains the same way you train. He knows how important fitness is to you and he will work with you to not only fix your issue at the moment, but to help you fix it so you will learn how to prevent that injury from reoccuring.

Services Nick provides:
1. Sports and Movement Performance
2. Integrative Dry Needling
3. Headaches
4. Dizziness, Vertigo and Post Concussion
5. Back, Neck and Joint Pain

Phyt For Function LLC is located in Hudson at CrossFit Cadre (5170 Hudson Drive Ste 0. Hudson, OH 44236). They will also be on site at CrossFit Saol the third Thursday of each month. To reserve an appointment, log onto PhytForFunction.com and schedule an appointment. If you have any questions, let Clint know or reach Nick at (330) 614-7498 or at NickSandersPT@phytforfunction.com.