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Competition Training

Our competition program is geared towards those members who are looking to compete in the sport of CrossFit. This can be either the CrossFit Games or the various weekend competitions in Northeast Ohio. The key difference between this program and our group classes is that the competition programming is aimed towards those who are training for a competition versus using CrossFit as a fitness program. This distinction is key as the competition program includes an increased volume of training as well as movements, skills, and competition techniques. Some of these elements are not included in our group class programming as they are not essential if you’re not competing.

Getting Started

Any current member of CrossFit Saol is eligible to participate in our competition class. However, because of the increased volume and loading that is programmed for the competition class, each participant in the competition class has to test into the class. The test we use seeks to evaluate each individual’s capabilities across the following areas: maximal strength in main lifts (e.g., squat, deadlift, press, clean & jerk, snatch, etc.); gymnastics skills (e.g., strict muscle-up, strict handstand, pull-up capacity, etc.); performance in selected benchmark workouts (e.g., Fran, Grace, etc.); and, mono-structural conditioning (e.g., running, rowing, etc.). As the sport of CrossFit continues to evolve, we will continue to evaluate our competition standards as well as the approach to our programming.

Programming Schedule

Our competition programming currently follows this general outline:

Tuesday – Two Sessions

  • Session One:

The AM session for Tuesday will include some combination of the following:

    • Snatch, Clean, Jerk – Moderate to Heavy
    • Squat (front, high back, low back, pause) or other Lower Strength (deadlift)
    • Gymnastic Skill Work (Rope Climbs, Pull up, C2B, Strict Pull ups, Muscle ups, Bar MU, HSPU, PHSPU, Kipping PHSPu, TTB, Strict TTB, Ring Dips, Strict Ring Dips, Burpees, Pistols)
  • Session Two:
    • Main Class Metcon


Wednesday’s Metcon will follow the main class Workout and will typically include some of the following:

  • Sprinting or Bounding (Shuttle Runs, 40-60-100-200m Sprints, BJ, Hurdles, Vertical Jumps, Broad Jumps, Single Leg Jumps)
  • Lower Body Pull (Dead, Sumo Dead, RDL, Snatch Dead, Clean Pull, Snatch Pull, Good Morning)
  • 20 or 100 Rep Benchmark: (Gymnastics or Clean, Jerk, Snatch, Dead, Sumo, Bench, Push Press, Front Squat, Back Squat, OHS, Yoke Carry, Lunges –FR, BR, OH)
  • Main Class Metcon

Thursday – Two Sessions

  • Session One:

Much like Tuesday, the AM session will include some combination of the following:

    • Snatch, Clean, Jerk –  Technique
    • Accessory Squat or Strength Upper (press, pull-up, dip, etc.)
    • Gymnastics Skills (Rope Climbs, C2B Pull ups, HS Walking, Pistols, Muscle ups, PHSPU, TTB, Strict TTB, Ring Dips, Strict Ring Dips, Double Unders)
    • Monostructural Volume (Rowing, AirDyne, Running, etc.)
  • Session Two:
    • Main Class Metcon
    • Midline Accessory work

Friday – Rest Day

  • Flexibility/Mobility work (Yoga, Foam Roll, stretch, smash, Stability work)
  • Active Recovery


  • Skill or Strength (20 or 100 Rep) Benchmark
  • Longer Time Domain and Varied Object Metcons (Kettlebell/Dumbbell C&J, Sandbags, etc.)

Sunday – Long Session (90 min)

  • Olympic Lift Work (Positional Complexes)
  • Barbell Benchmarks: (Clean, Jerk, Snatch, Dead, Sumo, Bench, Push Press, Front Squat, Back Squat, OHS, Yoke Carry, Lunges –FR, BR, OH)
  • Metcon

Monday – Rest Day

Below is the calendar view of this schedule:

[table sort=”asc” table caption=”Competition Class Schedule” colalign=”center|left|center|center|center|center|center|center” class=”table table-bordered” tablesorter=”0″]
6:00a-7:00a,REST,Strength/Oly Heavy,-,Oly Technique/Strength,REST,-,-
9:00-11:00a,REST,-,-,-,REST,-,Skill/Oly Strength/MetCon
*Complete during regular class times

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