About Us

3 Full-Time Professional Trainers | 11 Classes A Day | 2 Coaches Per Class | Best Community of People I’ve Ever Known!

Established in 2012

Established in Twinsburg in 2012, CrossFit Saol was opened with a handful of members and some equipment. Since then, we have grown with our members into a community of people who represent a cross-section of people from surround areas with a shared interested in improving their health and wellness through fitness.

Saol – (Meaning “Life / to Live”)

The name of the gym represents the reason why we started CrossFit: we wanted to find a fitness program that would enable us to enjoy the adventures life has to offer from flag football to climbing Mt. Rainier to helping a friend move. So, we chose the name Saol as it means “life’ or “to live” in Gaelic.


At CrossFit Saol, our mission is to improve the quality of life for our members. We want to build a community of people who encourage one another and share in each other’s successes. A community which transforms lives by providing functional fitness, nutritional perspectives, and support so people can be healthier and happier.

Why Group Training is Effective

We came across this on Precision Nutrition’s website (www.precisionnutrition.com) and it speaks volumes to the power of community and why the group training model is so effective:

“The most successful people in every endeavour seek out mentorship and support.”

People who have expert mentors and are surrounded by driven peers – and who actively take advantage of those resources – are much more likely to reach their goals than those without either.

There are a host of reasons why, including:

  1. Wisdom is shared quickly and freely.
  2. We get role models — at first, it’s easier to mimic than to learn.
  3. We get positive peer pressure.
  4. It lets us participate in something greater than ourselves.
  5. It creates a “team” .
  6. We’re validated and accepted.
  7. We get constructive competition.

In short, people with mentors and social support figure things out faster, make fewer mistakes, and are pushed to succeed by those around them. It’s a formula for success, especially in fitness and nutrition.

“Mentorship & social support works.”