Clint Weigel

  • Full-Time Coach
  • Certified CrossFit Trainer Exam (CF-L3)
  • CrossFit Movement and Mobility
  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • USAW Certified
  • CPR / First Aid Certified


Favorite Meal: Grass Fed Ground Beef and Quinoa Pasta!
Favorite Workout: Fran and Jackie
Least Favorite Workout: Annie
Music to Workout to: Greatest Showman, Anything Upbeat & Happy!
When did you start CrossFit: 12/2011. I started at SPC CrossFit then made the switch to CrossFit Saol
Favorite Movement: Pull-Ups/T2B/Muscle-Ups, anything Gymnasty
Least Favorite Movement: Front Squats
Favorite Hobby: Board Games and Volleyball

Why I CrossFit:

Before hearing about CrossFit, I would spend countless hours in the gym in an endless cycle. I would be at the fitness center 6 days a week and never put much effort into my workouts. After two months of this I would get bored, stop going to the gym and have to start from scratch a month later. In the summer of 2010, my cousin Joe introduced me to CrossFit. At this time, I was doing P90X and lifting, so I figured I would hop into CrossFit without missing a step. That Fall, I took a couple of introduction classes at the Twinsburg Fitness Center. After each class, my body was not recovering like it should have been. After ignoring my symptoms for a month, I went to a cardiologist and found out that I had SVT (Supra-Ventricular Tachycardia). I ended up having surgery and had to take some time off. Once I was fully recovered, I gave CrossFit another try. On December 27th, 2011 I walked into SPC, a CrossFit Affiliate in Kent, Ohio.

This was the gym that my cousins and uncle went to. I’ve always been in shape and I assumed that walking through the doors I would be able to keep up with at least the average athletes. I was mistaken, I finished last in the class, I even lost to my 63 year old uncle on several occasions. This motivated me to improve my fitness and work harder towards all sorts of goals. I have always been very competitive and usually pick up on everything without much of a problem. CrossFit was refreshing to me, I felt poised to attack a new challenge each and every day. With the variation and intensity of the workouts, along with the community, I knew CrossFit was the right fit for me.

About 6 months into CrossFit, I fractured my ankle and had to take a month and a half away from CrossFit. While recovering from this injury, I stumbled upon CrossFit Saol, an affiliate built much closer to my house. On August 13th, 2012 Mike and I took on our first WOD at Saol. The gym had recently opened and we are glad that we have been a part of it ever since. Since we joined, I’ve made numerous life –long friendships and couldn’t be happier that I fell into this gym.