At CrossFit Saol we offer a wide variety of programs to our members, including:


  • This is our main CrossFit class that utilizes the core programming concepts of CrossFit which includes “constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity”. Each class is approximately 60 minutes and includes the following:
    • Warm-up: this is a coach led warm-up that seeks to get the heart rate up and prepare for the workout of the day.
    • WOD: this is the Workout Of the Day that will vary time domain, number and scheme of repetitions, and movements utilized. Most of our movements are from one of three main modalities: gymnastics (bodyweight control), weightlifting (bodyweight + external object [e.g., barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell, medicine ball, etc.]), and monostructural (cardiovascular capacity [e.g., running, rowing, jumping rope, etc.]). These workouts are always posted on the website the night before so you can mentally prepare for what the day has in store.
    • Cool-down: following the workout, we go through a coach led cool down to begin the recovery process. A cool down typically includes some static stretching as well as dynamic mobility positions borrowed from our mobility classes.
  • We offer many class times during each day of the week for this program. Refer to the schedule for current days and times.

CrossFit Teens

  • This is the teen version of our main CrossFit class and uses the same class elements. This class is targeted at 12-18 year olds who aren’t yet able to participate in our main classes.

CrossFit Kids

  • The CrossFit Kids is for the little ones! There are two classes in this program targeted at kids aged 5-8 (Lions) and 9-12 (Tigers).
  • Each class is 30 minutes long and adapts core CrossFit principles for kids.

Movement and Mobility

  • This program focuses specifically on improving human movement. The content of the class is created and delivered by Coach Nick who is a licensed Physical Therapist.
  • This class currently convenes once a week, but check the schedule for the most current dates and times.

Competition Class

  • This program aims to help prepare our members who are interested in competing in the Sport of CrossFit. This program follows a different schedule and program as it requires increased volume and training to prepare for CrossFit and other competitions.

Babysitting (by appointment)